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First of all: A warm welcome to everybody who visits my new website. Before I start posting, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself and share a few words about the intention of this blog and what kind of topics you will find in here.


I am a senior consultant for professional computing for large companies since the year 2000 and I have run my own business for many years now. Yet in my heart I also kept being a theoretical physicist all along. Since the very first news about D-Wave’s quantum annealer I am following the dawn of the quantum computing era closely. What really hit me was IBM’s launch of the IBM Quantum Experience. This was the point when I started my deep dive into the subject, which lasts until now. Probably I am among the very first wave of enthusiasts who are educating themself all the way through YouTube lectures, Mike & Ike and arxiv.org without any tutor or mentor from the academia. It this sense, I am speaking and writing from the perspective of a new group in the quantum computing community which is (hopefully) growing fast.

I am writing about quantum computing since 2018. My “free online book for curious people” www.quantencomputer-info.de has gained quite some attention in my target group and I am happy about the numerous positive feedback I have received about it. There are three central aspects that guided my work on the book: 1. It is written in German, 2. Besides this it addresses a broad audience with little or possibly no background in quantum computing and 3. It gives an overview (a complete overview, as I hope) about the state and the applications of quantum computers

Yet during the years I kept stumbling upon quantum topics that I found worth writing about but which just would not fit into the scope of the book. Most of all because the topics were far too advanced for a general audience and too specific for an overview perspective. This is where quantum-computing-info.com comes in. I am looking for true speed ups and advances in the field, interesting events and discussions. I presume, that NISQ might end up being only „a niche“ (as to speak with Ryan Babbush from Google AI back in Q2B 2019). But nevertheless, I am eagerly on the search to be proven otherwise.

I am also starting to write in English. I am very much aware, that this is not my native language and I apologize up front for the numerous errors to come. But I think, that while I am narrowing my target audience on one side I should widen it on the other side. But most of all: As this blog is also supposed to target the quantum computing community I should start to write in the language of this community.

If you want to get in touch, feel free to reach me via the contact page or LinkedIn!

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